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Highbury Counselling Centre

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Sunny Barnes BSc, MSc, Clin Dip, MBPsS 

Once in a while we find that something in life needs to change. We often leave things as they are because it's easier that way - switching utility supplier or broadband provider might save you a bit of money, but do you always look after the pennies? Possibly...and what about your life circumstances? Your work life? Your life at home? Your relationships with the important people in your life...your relationship with yourself? Is it best to leave these as they are, or does something here need to change?

You may not have clear answers to these questions yet, and that's OK. What I offer is an opportunity to discuss the possibility of making positive changes for yourself, whatever that might involve, and however unlikely or unrealistic such changes might seem right now. 

Real change usually comes in small steps. By reading this far you may have already taken a small but significant step towards coping with life's difficulties and making your life more fulfilling. If it feels like the time is right to take the next step, you can contact me via the form on this website. I would be happy to offer you a free consultation, so we can discuss how we might work together.