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Sunny Barnes


I am a qualified integrative psychodynamic counsellor, and I have been practicing since 2010. I completed my clinical training at The Metanoia Institute. I am an Individual Member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). I also hold membership of the UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) and the British Psychological Society (BPS).

Feeling allowed

Asking for permission is something children are sometimes expected to do, but rarely do we think of adults as needing to ask for permission. Using our own judgement, we make decisions about what is and what is not permitted. But when it comes to expressing how we feel, having to make these decisions can be a source of conflict and/or distress. For example: is it ok to show that you’re angry at your boss? Or to show that you’re miserable on a night out? Or to let your partner know that you feel hurt by something they said or did? 

Sometimes, rightly or wrongly, we consider other people before allowing ourselves to show how we feel or say what we think. Sometimes we obey rules or copy traits we grew up with in childhood, whether those rules or traits serve us well as adults or not.

Counselling is in many ways about giving yourself permission. Permission to take steps towards being yourself more fully. This can be more difficult than it might sound. If, for example, you’ve spent a lot of your life feeling held back in some way, then the process of letting go may at first seem overwhelming. 

In therapy, you have the space, time and permission to express what you think and how you feel. What once overwhelmed can then be tolerated.

Free consultation, no commitment necessary

It might be that you want to visit one or two therapists before deciding who to work with. Simply finding the right therapist may take some time, and can add stress to an already difficult period in a person’s life. That’s why I prefer not to charge for a one-off meeting. Furthermore, I always make it clear that there is no requirement to commit to attending therapy until you feel you are ready.

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